Friday, July 16, 2010


After a year and a half of a house that can't be heated, old timey sing alongs, big screen movies projected onto the walls, zero privacy, the American Office, Southpark, and one Sister act themed party... the church is no more.

You can only live with your girlfriends brother in a house with no walls for so long. A purpose built echo chamber designed for public speaking- before the days of microphones. A house where you can hear a doona ruffle at the slightest movement.

So I give thanks to my housemates who put up with me while I hijacked the lounge room for days at a time to record the music for this short film. Who, like all the other musicians on this project, played for nothing but sandwiches... but unlike the others, probably cleaned up the mess I made making the sandwiches, and then cooked me dinner.

Most people would've said that the time we could last in the church was roughly a year and a half shorter than we managed. But somehow we rocked it. So it is with fond farewells, I say 'Goodbye Church... Hello Moonlight Motel'.

Tegan The Vegan will be released late 2010...

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