Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Procussions: For All Your Hip-Hop Needs

This page is for music I've made that doesn't have anything to do with Casual Projects, or singer songwriting stuff that may come about in the future.

My first two videos are a tribute to one of my favourite hip-hop bands
- 'The Procussions', who broke up in the last couple of years. I got the feeling that they felt neglected by the hip-hop community (even though Crab harassed them to come to Australia on a weekly basis), and I always wanted to give something back to them. Also, I wanted to practice my film scoring. So - here is their single 'The Storm' re-scored to look like a home improvement ad.

And here is another small section from the same film clip, re-scored as a sinister fantasy type of thing. It's written for a string quintet, a team of flutes and a gaggle of French hornists.